ZEF Profile

The Zimbabwe Exiles’ Forum was formed in 2003, and registered in South Africa the following year. The organization was formed principally to document, lobby, advocate and litigate on behalf of survivors of gross human rights violations who are forced into exile from Zimbabwe. From the information that it documents, ZEF is also mandated to carry out regional advocacy on human rights and rule of law situation in Zimbabwe. Because of the enormity of the abuses suffered in Zimbabwe in recent elections as well as their treatment in Botswana and South Africa, thousands of Zimbabweans (among them a huge number of women and children) have been forced into a life of destitution and gross indignity. ZEF has therefore been called upon to assist in a humanitarian way those who have had to spend months without shelter, food, clothing and other amenities outside Home Affairs offices, in urban and farm areas, as well as those who have been affected by the recent xenophobic attacks in South Africa.